I think I am 6 and my BFF Went Away to Summer Camp

images-15For two days now my 6 year old has been making me insane asking every two minutes if RM2’s 6 year old is home from their camping trip. These two play together so much that now that one of them is gone the other one is acting like his arm has been chopped off.

Since they pulled out -white trash camper in tow- I have gone hunting for bugs, built traps, built a Kinex ferris wheel, played Legos, made “recycle art” and pretty much answered every insane question known to man; including why a T-rex has such little arms and why do Potato Bugs have such fat butts.

Every day he stares longingly out the window gazing at their driveway waiting on the edge of his seat for them to pull in the driveway. He honestly does not know what to do with himself.  The truth is neither do I. Ok let me confess that I totally miss RM2, my partner in crime and I too am bored out of my mind.

images-16Greenpeace and I  run errands, play in the park and go do stuff but truth be told nothing tops sitting around with RM2 in some PJ’s drinking coffee and tea and BSing the day away. While Greenpeace makes the 5 millionth picture for his buddy I make my 5 millionth post on RM2’s Facebook page.  I wish I was like my 6 year old and could force my husband to do all the stuff RM2 and I do together but somehow I don’t think he would and he just isn’t very good at it so wouldn’t even be fun.  In the meantime her absence has forced me to do something that I hate: clean my house.  Additionally, I pulled a Martha Stewart on my lampshades and I made a peach cobbler.  I am afraid if she does not return soon I may morph into June Cleaver and all will be lost!

All this makes me wonder if my 6 year old thinks I am a sorry substitute for his BFF…I think so. I am positive that I don’t make very good traps and I know that my recycle art lacks the soul driven creative genius that his BFF possesses and, well… I just don’t really like bugs that much. 

I am sure when RM2 returns to read this confession she will have plenty to say and will have lots to poke fun at me about. She is the one in this friendship that is spontaneous and can fly by the seat of her pants! I am not.  At all.

 Truth is I have half a mind to take a picture of Greenpeace and I staring out the window looking at her house and post it on her front door to greet her upon her return. I think I will go post another message on her Facebook wall until she returns.  


Oh and yeah, I don’t need any of you to tell me that I clearly have no life!  I am already painfully well aware.




3 responses to “I think I am 6 and my BFF Went Away to Summer Camp

  1. I totally get what you are saying! It’s neat to see that you have a friend like that — they make life so much sweeter.
    And by the way – you are a VERY cool mom to even attempt to replace the 6-year-old BFF…I wouldn’t have even gone there. 🙂

  2. Awwww, I don’t know what to say! Except maybe “Where’s my cobbler, bitch?” 🙂
    I have to admit that the whole time I was camping I was looking for the perfect site for us to go together. I even imagined where we’d put the chairs our dirty pajama asses would spend most of the time bitching over crappy campfire coffee.


  3. I ate it all bitch cuz I was bored!


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